How may we retain the heritage of a craft while bringing in new influences? 

A crossroad of centuries’ aesthetics feat. 2020 

(Collections of summer and festive sarees for Fabindia Overseas ltd.)

Graduation Project
B.Des 2016
Textile Design

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This project is a festive collection of nine Maheshwari sarees inspired by the works of Bauhaus textile faculties, Gunta Stolzl and Annie Albers. Maheshwar sarees, although elegant, are not experimental in technique and can be conventional in design.

For a brand like Fabindia that has a pan-India presence, how can new design be introduced, while still keeping the process simple and not labor intensive

With the pandemic, gathering reference material was difficult as I had to understand textures, traditional designs and composition of a saree, and move ahead with my decisions without sampling or visualizing my design. As Fabindia caters to a large audience, I knew that what I create had to be conventional to an extent. The brand’s identity was most important and newness was not what it catered to. Though simplicity and uniqueness is required, the design should be able to fit into criteria set by the brand’s identity. I understood that my concepts had to stand in a box created by the brand and I had to unlearn going out of the box to sell products that reach a whole nation. There were also restrictions in the logistics of communication between the designers and weavers. These restrictions made many changes as the designs had to cater to these needs as well.

My project took place in three different places, which led to many delays and misunderstandings. Time and patience was very important and I had to be patient with myself to open up my creativity to push the project forward. As the final product dealt with tangibility, intangible processes brought unnecessary complications.

The project helped me understand what contributes to designing for a brand that caters to a large crowd. Though I got to learn different crafts that dealt with different materials, knowing how a brand functions while in a pandemic was an important learning. Being patient with myself was my most important learning. Putting unnecessary pressure would only make minds fragile. I was able to see this difference for myself.



“I find art as something you need for your life. Just as religion is something you need even if you find it constantly denied today” - Annie Albers

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA

Victoria & Albert Museum of Art, London, England

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