How do we visualise warning signs for the future in the present?

Internet’s Energy

Classroom Project
B.Des 2018
Product Design

With the rise of internet devices and heavy energy consumption, it is apparent that sustainable forms of future internet usage need to be devised. This project looked at establishing a new framework for the internet through Data-Energy Unit (DEU) systems. Artefacts and website interactions were developed to show the potential of this framework in a context deliberately extrapolated to a scenario set in 2050 to highlight plausible adversaries faced by humankind, if sustainable measures are not adopted soon. The artefacts explored concepts of reusable e-waste to comment on current practices of manufacturing electronic devices. 

Through this project, I developed a sensitivity towards electronic gadgets and components. I started looking at all electronics through multiple perspectives and realised the various possibilities within them. This became possible only because I had limited resources at home. I learned the dynamics of old objects and how their economy works. To build the artefacts, I had to carefully think about components that would fit right. I realized that it is possible to create, experiment and ideate using alternative methods. It is important to question the practices and norms we take for granted.

This project taught me that in order to build efficient, inclusive and better designs for our future, raising questions instead of answering them is valuable and necessary. There is no singular future, but rather plural futures in which everyone and everything will co-exist. It also taught me to look closely at minute interactions and see how their effect amplifies. Henceforth, I will be questioning every small thing and looking at their impact on a larger scale.


Sahil Thappa

Speculative Everything (Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby), Extrapolation Factory Operator's Manual (Chris Woebken and Elliott P. Montgomery)

Dutch Design Week, Museum of Modern Art(New York, USA) and Core77 Design Awards

Blade Runner, Mad Max, Alien