When do we see the future start and the present end?


Classroom Project
B.Des 2020

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This project was my thoughts from 27/03/2021. I ruminate about the future; COVID-19, the stock market, cryptocurrency, NFT's and the future of the metaverse. I intended to create a narrative that was a reflection of our time and present difficulties, and invite optimism for the future by introducing the possibilities of virtual technologies and our shifting priorities as a society.

While meandering through quarantine and being stuck in a rut of how I can build momentum in my life, I came to the realization that despite it seeming like our lives had come to a halt, the world was still moving forward. It is now more exciting to find our role and purpose in this transformation that the world is undergoing. I wanted others to see this as an opportunity rather than a hurdle. Progressions in the virtual realm and the advent of technology inspired me, along with the rise of blockchain and the collective optimism towards it. By seeing this as an opportunity to explore, understand and adapt to today’s problems, I felt more purposeful and driven and was able to suppress my feelings of being in a stalemate.

This was not my most coherent piece of work. I worked on parts of it at a time in no particular order. It was spontaneous as the layouts were unplanned and whenever a good composition struck, I blended it into the overall narrative. This inconsistency was also a result of my volatile sense of motivation. I admire works that have a feeling of naturalness and authenticity because they are easier to resonate with. I would have made the entire piece more spontaneous to the point that there is no seriousness in it.

This project could be a prelude to other graphical and web-based visual communication works employing sound and interactivity. I was able to explore a multitude of visual styles and could further develop them by churning out more digital drawings.