Can artistic expressions be tailored to fit the body?

By Virtue Of: Wearable Art Project

Classroom Project
M.Des 2019
Apparel Design

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BY VIRTUE OF explores the unconscious process, highlighted by natural biodegradable fabrics to express through the human body. The project involved the study of different materials to build a material vocabulary based on its wearable qualities. BY VIRTUE OF merges the qualities of art and design in the context of green, biodegradable materials.

I pondered material concepts without any preconceived notions, to see new connections between them. I thought about the uncertain times of the present and the necessity of art, and why we have the urge to make everything perfect. I stumbled upon Dadaism and Surrealism, which helped me contextualize my unconscious approach to art. Further aided by my research on green materials, the project resulted in the creation of a material library and execution of the final art pieces.

Working from home was the biggest influence for my ‘DIY-Materialism’ approach. The pandemic helped me understand the pause and find hope again. However, I missed the opportunity to work with special tools and machines due to inaccessibility. Further, the potential of the project lies in the power of material data that I collected. I continue to explore different recipes and methods to refine the project to seek green alternatives to existing non bio degradable materials.

This project is geared towards a ‘Hands on’ approach, a result of multiple trial and errors. It improved my patience and added to my passion to learn new things. I also witnessed the power of gratitude, which helped me empathize more with myself and my surroundings.


Dada and Surrealism: Europe After the Rain documentary (1978),

Clothing patterns throughout history.

Material Activism by Miriam Ribul

Materiom - a material researchers collective

Personal pandemic reflections.